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I’m not gonna lie, I felt like the first two episodes were kind of dragging on, but part three was truly epic.

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Andrew Lovatt Antiques specialise in carefully chosen furnishing items of high quality we offer antiques dating from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century, our Antiques Business was established in 1997.

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A few artisans working in the Staffordshire region did make figurines in recognizable styles, even though most were unmarked.Our pieces range from mid 19th century to to mid 20th century.At antiquesbydesign we also stock art,contemporary bronze sculptures and contemporary silverware made on the premises by silversmith Narissa Mather.These include John Astbury’s tradesmen and musicians, Thomas Whieldon’s animals with tortoise-shell glazes, and Obadiah Sheratt’s violent scenes from history, like the tiger mauling Lt. Some of the many animals made into Staffordshire figurines include parrots, hens, roosters, horses, cows, sheep, elephants, cats, deer, lions, zebras, and, of course, dogs.Pairs of dogs were one of the most common forms of Staffordshire figure, often featuring regional breeds like greyhounds or pugs.Whieldon had many apprentices (Josiah Spode and Ralph Wood are two of the most important) and he was a business partner for about five years with Josiah Wedgwood, who learned a lot from Whieldon before establishing his own firm in 1759.