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It’s basically a call center, but this one comes with sleek computers, top-notch health care, rock-climbing and yoga classes, and fired-up colleagues.Her bubbly friend Annie (Karen Gillan) has already ascended to the company’s “Gang of 40,” who carry out vague international tasks.So for the first half, we get the starry-eyed trip to Silicon Valley, where The Circle hums along in a circular building (not unlike Apple’s new campus). ” (Mae quickly affirms “sushi,” but I feel that “soylent” is the better answer: Everybody says sushi.) The defining ethos at The Circle is to take “the chaos of the web and make it elegant and simple.” (Good luck with that, Circlers.) But it’s just tech babble for a company that wants to trade the fun and convenience of social media for knowing absolutely everything about its consumers, and then, ideally, to mandate and control behavior.Mae aces a ridiculously hip interview (in a circular office, natch) with rapid-fire questions like: “Introspection or communications? Because “sharing is caring.” The company hosts Dream Fridays lectures, in which the laidback CEO, Bailey (Tom Hanks), rolls out the nonsense, like how secretly putting marble-sized cameras everywhere is all about human-rights accountability.If the human race could ever be wholly enslaved by a social network, Tom Hanks would be the type to pull it off.As tech patriarch Eamon Bailey, he delivers ominous pronouncements like “I believe in the perfectability of human beings” with a disarmingly warm-and-fuzzy Hanksiness. Directed by James Ponsoldt and based on the novel by Dave Eggers, the techno-thriller stars Watson and Boyega as employees of a wildly successful tech company run by a charismatic founder (played by Tom Hanks).The Circle promises a seamless existence guided by transparency and civility — all you have to do is give over all your personal information, and maybe start using one of the company’s ubiquitous See Change cameras. Watch takes something already present in our everyday lives and amplifies it just enough to make it seem both terrifying and inevitable.

The star of the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" remake took command of the camera as she dazzled in pieces by designers Stella Mc Cartney and Burberry.

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The director of the FBI has reportedly asked the US justice department to publicly reject claims made by Donald Trump that the Obama administration bugged his offices in the runup to the presidential election.

It feels like the brainchild of middle-aged guys (James Ponsoldt directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Eggers) who still think of Facebook as cutting edge.

Emma Watson stars as Mae, plucked from cubicled-call-center obscurity to join the Circle as a “customer experience” worker.