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Outlook and updating increases

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If you're actually POPing mail down or something but not deleting from the server then that would account for differences too.

Are you sure you're selecting the root folder in Outlook (ie, "Mailbox – Username" and not "inbox").

This can be the case even if sending was working recently as some ISP's roll these changes through without warning.

To give you an idea of how common port 25 blocking is, we've included below links to a few major ISP's and their online documentation regarding port 25 blocking: For the average user, the easiest way to find out if port 25 is being blocked is to contact your ISP and ask them.

It is the long term replacement for RPC over HTTP connectivity (commonly referred to as Outlook Anywhere).

MAPI/HTTP removes the complexity of Outlook Anywhere’s dependency on the legacy RPC technology. MAPI/HTTP moves connectivity to a true HTTP request/response pattern and no longer requires two long-lived TCP connections to be open for each session between Outlook and Exchange.

Other than needing to occasionally add storage space, it has been working just fine in our organization for the last three years. One thing that management doesn't like is Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2003. In case you don't know, Cached Exchange Mode is simply Microsoft speak for Offline Folders - a local cache of what's in your mailbox on the Exchange Server.

We only use it for employees in remote offices or home offices of execs.

If you cannot send mail, the problem is likely a restriction by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as many block the normal sendmail port 25, due to their own security concerns.MAPI over HTTP is a new transport used to connect Outlook and Exchange.MAPI/HTTP was first delivered with Exchange 2013 SP1 and Outlook 2013 SP1 and begins gradually rolling out in Office 365 in May.Gone are the twin RPC_DATA_IN and RPC_DATA_OUT connections required in the past for each RPC/HTTP session.This change will reduce the number of concurrent TCP connections established between the client and server.Here is the scenario: Executive A is a high-volume, high-density email user in a far city.