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When a young person decides to get married, the following steps often take place: This type of focused courtship helps ensure the strength of the marriage by drawing upon family elders' wisdom and guidance in this important life decision.Family involvement in the choice of a marriage partner helps assure that the choice is based not on romantic notions, but rather on a careful, objective evaluation of the compatibility of the couple.As New Historian reported when the find was announced, the two pages were initially believed to have been part of a codex, whose other parts are kept in France.Initially, the hypothesis was that the fragments were contemporaneous with Muhammad, pushing the date of the first written copy of the Quran back, but not too much."As it turns out, on one of the four surfaces of our fragments we have a chapter division, which would seem to suggest that what we have was once a fully-formed Quran, possibly as early as the sixth century," he explains.If it is in fact from the later part of the suggested date range, it would be evidence supporting "a traditional view" of Muhammad and the Quran, he says.The fragments found in the Birmingham library, written on either goatskin or sheepskin, had mistakenly been bound into another copy of the Quran dating to the seventh century, part of a collection of around 3,000 Middle Eastern texts collected in Iraq in the 1920s.

In other words, the fragments, tested by scientists from the University of Oxford, probably originated some time between 568 CE and 645 CE, while Muhammad’s birth year is believed to be 570 CE.A Qur’an that may be the world’s oldest made a splash in July, when carbon dating at the University of Oxford placed it at about 1,370 years old — the era of Muhammad.The “Birmingham Qur’an,” named after the English university where it resides, was heralded as proof that modern texts have remained true to Muhammad’s original words. That’s not only very, very old, it’s quite possibly If the dating is correct, the “Birmingham Koran” was produced between AD568 and AD645, while the dates usually given for Muhammad are AD570 to AD632…"Dating" as it is currently practiced in much of the world does not exist among Muslims.Young Muslim men and women (or boys and girls) do not enter into one-on-one intimate relationships, spending time alone together and "getting to know one another" in a very deep way as a precursor to selecting a marital could date back to Mohammed’s childhood, or possibly even before his birth. Trouble with a capital “T.” That rhymes with “P” and that stands for, um, pissed Muslims.