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The IT Support Center will work with you to resolve this issue so you can install Sophos.More information: Expanded instructions with pictures Since Microsoft does not support Windows versions prior to Windows 2000, VCU Technology Services also does not support these versions of Windows and does not provide a version of Sophos for these versions of Windows (Windows 95, 98, ME and NT).After installing MIT's version of Sophos Anti Virus for Mac, you will see a message that reads "Auto Update Is Not Configured" when clicking on the Sophos logo in the OS X menubar (to the left of the time). The correct Auto Update settings will be automatically pushed to your machine, from MIT's Sophos Enterprise Console, within 60 minutes of installation.

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This document describes the installation and/or upgrade of the Sophos Antivirus (SAV) product.

If things go wrong or a script makes a temporary change, we can easily revert to a clean sample.

I find that when building scripts, Power Shell ISE is irreplaceable, because we can walk through each step and test separate statements in individual tabs.

Following Jeffery Hick’s lead in his article here, it’s easy to find a list of all the services that contain “SAV” and “Sophos” with the command: (Get-Content 'C:\Program Data\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Config\machine.xml').

Replace('8EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1AD02', 'E8F97FBA9104D1EA5047948E6DFB67FACD9F5B73') | Set-Content 'C:\Program Data\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Config\machine.xml' The hashed value E8F97FBA9104D1EA5047948E6DFB67FACD9F5B73 is equivalent to the value ‘password’, which is all lowercase, not including quotes.